From the Principals desk

Dear Parent,

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

These three words are attributed to futurist Alvin Toffler, author of the popular book Future Shock in 1970. The concept of continual learning that relentlessly changes is associated with 21st Century schooling. This kind of education, for both students and teachers, looks different from the education many of us had ten or twenty years ago, when we were in school. But think about the changes in your own life: our children growing up; our own parents aging, relocating and job changes. Somehow through the multiple changes that surround us – we cant expect our school to stay constant, to be almost outside of time. We can't be blind to reality.

Our core values are indeed lasting: Respect, Character, Responsibility, Integrity, and more. Certainly reading, speaking, listening, writing, calculating and basic skills are a must. With an ever-emerging global economy and ever-increasing competition for college admissions, our youngsters require critical thinking skills to become employed with international organizations or companies. The world has moved on, and will keep on doing so. As the Principal of the School, we expect every KVIS teacher to know more about teaching and learning than ever before. Its not easy! Multiple intelligence theory, personalized learning, differentiated instruction, teaching for understanding, cooperative learning - and lets not forget the pace of technological change spinning before all of us. All these concepts and practices - and many more - can enhance a teacher's ability to help each child achieve his or her own potential. Effective training for teachers will achieve this goal.

In the meantime, parents want to know more and more - and are more and more anxious - about their childs ability to zoom ahead. Communication is a non-stop process in KVIS, and it bears down on teachers who hold the child at the center. More than ever before, KVIS teachers have to be continuous learners, while at the same time being wonderful and happy teachers. The challenge for all of us: we must learn; unlearn; and relearn. Thats how the world is.

On behalf of all our happy teachers, we most respectfully welcome you as a very important stakeholder of KannadiVappa International School and thank you for entrusting your child with our mission in Education.

Your Principal,

Rajesh Krishnan